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HAM-LET Meets Safety, Environmental, and Industry Standards

HAM-LET Meets Safety, Environmental, and Industry Standards

Making the Grade
With an ever-growing industrial demand for high-quality instrumentation valves and fittings in an extensive range of materials that meet the growing need for high-pressure, high-temperature and vacuum applications, HAM-LET Group has constantly risen to the occasion.

Since its founding in 1950, the company has advanced into a worldwide, TSE-listed company that has applied its expertise in the design, development, production, marketing, and delivery of these products and has relentlessly poured hours and resources into ongoing research to make sure it stays one-step ahead in meeting strict industry standards — not only for reliable, top of the range products, but that ensure safety, such as in the Oil & Gas industry. HAM-LET is certified for ISO-9001, Lloyds TNO, S.A.E. & CE Standard as well as MIL-F-18866, ASME and ASTM.

The company also helps industries meet the escalating call to supply low-cost energy sources for a cleaner environment — such as in fossil fuels designed for use by residential, commercial, and industrial end-users.

Product Focus
As the fastest growing company in its niche, the HAM-LET Group’s products are used globally in industries ranging from Ground Turbines, to Semiconductor, Energy, Oil & Gas, CNG/NGV, Chemical and Petrochemical, Analytical, and others.

Its product basket comprises industrial & high-tech compression fittings and instrumentations including:
Valves; Connectors; Manifolds (HAM-LET ASTAVA Line of manifolds); Enclosures; Filters; and Flanges.
Ultra-clean, high flow valves & fittings (ultra-clean Diaphragm Valves; low & high pressure).
Actuators: Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Actuators.
Pressure gauges: HAM-LET Measurement Devices that guarantee long-lasting usage with high durability for in-and-out-door industrial, process and instrumentation applications. HAM-LET’s line of pressure gauges covers standard characteristics and some customization upon request.

Hoses: HAM-LET’s line of hoses include a full range of superior SS hose assemblies, a wide variety of PTFE core, SS braided hose assemblies, and end connections. Customers can also choose full vacuum to high-pressure hoses all tested and individually packed of up to 6,000 psi (413bar), or ¼” up to 2” ID range custom length. All HAM-LET hose assemblies are built with quality fittings providing maximum usability and exchangeability with the highest safety levels.

Sample cylinders: These permit the extraction of a sample from a remote process location and provide safe containment for storage and transportation to the laboratory for analysis. The H-285, HAM-LET Needle Valve with Rupture disc, is designed to be mounted on HAM-LET sample cylinders and provide protection against over pressure by venting the media to the atmosphere.
Engineering products: Motor Driven Valves, Integrated Diaphragm Valves with Filter, High Purity Manifolds).
Modular Substrates: 1.125” C Seal for ultra-clean delivery systems.

HAM-LET’s Solar Energy Solutions include PV (Photovolataic) Cells with a focus on silicon wafers, flat panels, and thin film PV. PV production products include:
UCV – for specialty gases
High Flow Clean Valves
Cost-effective UCV – HMC, EVZ, EV
HTC Fittings
Metering Valves

Thermal power products for solar energy include:
H98, H99 – High Pressure, High Temp
Let-Lok Compression Fittings
Metering Valves
H-900 & H900 HP Relief Valves
Instrumentation Ball Valves

HAM-LET services:
LETSTOCK – The online Material Management Solution
Sample case

Quality You Can Trust

HAM-LET is fully committed to its customers providing the highest-quality products and best of breed service. Its worldwide distribution centers are present in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Germany, France, and Russia. Since 2004, HAM-LET also opened a production and engineering facility for ultra-clean components in Japan. The company operates a 240,000 sq. ft. manufacturing complex with Class 10 and Class 100 clean rooms. This wide global reach ensures that industry demands can be met swiftly and trouble-shooting services can be delivered in real-time. The company also invests time, effort and expertise in ensuring that products are manufactured according to a customer’s exact specifications so that they receive high-grade, reliable products that meet their expectations.

When it comes to advanced control technology and excellent customer service, HAM-LET is the partner you can trust.